Return Policy

Return policy

The cost of returning the goods is paid by the buyer.

Goods can be returned within 14 calendar days of receiving the goods.

Goods are accepted back if:

the goods are defective;

the goods are incomplete;

the goods do not match the description in the ad;

by mistake you received the wrong product or not as you expected;

the item is unused, in the original packaging, unassembled/unpicked.

We are guided by the exchange and return provisions of Article 6.362 of the Civil Code and the Retail Trade Rules in force in the Republic of Lithuania. It should be noted that according to Clause 17 of the Retail Trade Rules, "The consumer's demand to replace the purchased goods of suitable quality with similar goods or to return the money paid for the reasons specified in Article 6.362 of the Civil Code can only be satisfied if the seller agrees after purchasing the following goods: <…>

2. perfumery, cosmetics and toilet preparations;

3. photography and cinematography goods;

4. printed books, reproductions and other articles of the printing industry;

5. fabrics;

7. knitted men's, boys', women's or girls' underwear;

8. baby clothes;

9. pantyhose, socks, stockings and other similar;

10. men's, boys', women's or girls' undershirts, nightgowns, pajamas and similar articles;

11. bras, girdles, corsets and similar articles;

18. watches;

19. musical instruments;

21. furniture, bedding, lamps;

22. toys, games, except sports and angling equipment;

Before returning the product/s, the customer must contact the Seller and fill out the product return form provided to him.

The item/s must be returned in its original packaging, unused.

The product/s that have been unpacked, used and put back in the original packaging are considered used and a 50% refund is given for such a product. amounts paid for it.

If you are not satisfied with the product/s, contact us immediately by e-mail: or by phone: +37064590855 and together we will find the best solution.