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It's fun to save while shopping, but it's even more fun to shop to earn extra, create a passive income stream, or even start your own business! Are you interested? Then read on :)

TianDe offers a solid foundation for your business: well-developed technologies, unique product range, training, bonuses, career growth in structured business. Using the tianDe sales model, you can start your own business without any initial investment and without any financial risk. Only you decide how much you want to do and how far you want to go, and we are here to help you.

1. There are no hidden fees or obligations. No starter packs.
2. No investment is required - after registration, you will buy all goods at a special consultant price.
3. You will earn as much as 54% instant profit by selling products at catalog price. Your earnings will depend only on your wishes and the time allocated for this work.
If sales is not for you - see point 4!
4. Build your team! By recommending tianDe products to your friends and acquaintances, as well as inviting them to join the Tiande company, you will gain unlimited growth opportunities! Invite everyone who is interested in receiving additional or even constant income. As your business team begins to grow, you will receive additional discounts and bonuses provided in the Tiande marketing plan and promotion programs.
Your potential customers can be your neighbors, friends and colleagues - everyone around you! Our products are used by people every day all over the world. You don't even have to sell, you just help your customers shop for themselves! If you are communicative, like to work with people, want to create your own business and do a job you like, then this method is just for you!
5. You will receive all the information and support you need. You will have your own personal consultant.
6. Motivating gifts for achieved results.
7. To get more information, click "start a conversation" in the lower right corner or contact

The first step you need to take is to register by filling out this form. After receiving your data, we will register you in the tianDe company and provide all the necessary information by e-mail. With the received ID number, you will receive a consultant's discount when shopping in any Lithuanian city or abroad, as well as in our online store This is the only ID number that gives you the consultant discount, re-registrations are not valid.
Consultant points accumulate throughout the calendar month and are credited at the end of the month. Bonuses for points are paid only from 100 points and more according to the table of the marketing plan.