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About TianDe

by TiandeLT Administratorius 08 Mar 2023
Apie TianDe

The power of nature is unlimited and we consciously benefit from it.

TianDe, an international health and beauty corporation founded in 2007 in the Altai Mountains - one of the most ecological regions on the planet.

" Tiande" is translated from Chinese as "Heavenly Perfection". "Tian" is a symbol of purity, greatness and detachment from earthly things. "De" - naturalness, which is very important in Eastern culture.

Wide range of products from Altai, Chinese and Tibetan herbs.

TianDe cosmetics store sells high-quality, professional beauty and health products. The assortment includes more than 700 products. TianDe beauty and health products are widely used in 32 countries around the world!

The company offers an exclusive collection of therapeutic and preventive cosmetics for health and beauty: cosmetics for face, hair and body care, perfumes, decorative cosmetics, hygiene products for women, a series for men and supplements.

Permanent promotions, discounts and affordable prices. The products are convenient and economical to use.

Exclusive products.

For the production of products, TianDe uses only high-quality raw materials - plants grown under natural conditions in China and Tibet, specially trained people collect them according to the lunar calendar at a certain time. Even the water used in cosmetics is extracted from mineral springs and deep waters.

Each cosmetic product is created according to the wisdom and knowledge of the people of the Ancient East. Product formulas are created according to Chinese, Tibetan, and Altai medical recipes, the effectiveness of which has been proven by time. The company has combined Eastern medicine recipes with new technologies to preserve the effectiveness and quality of natural ingredients for as long as possible.

TianDe's partners are manufacturers in China, recognized by the global business community, who have ISO international quality certificates and use secret recipes of old masters in their technologies. Only high-quality raw materials are used for the production of products. The company cooperates with leading scientific laboratories and cosmetologists - experts, quality and certification centers recognized in the field of medical cosmetology.

The company TianDe, combining cosmetology and pharmacology, has significantly increased the effectiveness of its products. TianDe cosmetics are biologically active additives for our skin, their effect is comparable to the effect of therapies. The concentration of active components in the products reaches 15-20%, which is equivalent to professional cosmetic products. Production meets international quality standards (ISO 9001-2002). A comprehensive multi-year quality control system in production ensures high-quality product features.

TianDe - a company that cares about a better tomorrow

The company thinks about how future generations will live. The assortment constantly includes organic products that do not pollute nature and encourage buyers to act responsibly. Trees are also planted in various corners of the world with the company's funds. 10,000 mountain pines were planted in Lithuania, Curonian Spit, in a place devastated by a fire.

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