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For youth from within

by TiandeLT Administratorius 09 Mar 2023
Kolagenas  - jaunystei iš vidaus

We all want to stay young, beautiful and healthy as long as possible. In pursuit of youth, many, especially women, are ready for almost anything - expensive cosmetic procedures, a plastic surgeon's scalpel... But all these methods are only aimed at removing the problem externally - our body remains the same inside.

Is it possible to rejuvenate not only from the outside, but also from the inside?

Yes! If you regularly "saturate" your body with collagen.

Collagen is a protein, the basis of the connective tissue of the whole body, which ensures its strength and elasticity. In the body, collagen is found in the skin, tendons and muscles, bones, joints (cartilaginous tissue), ligaments, hair and nails, corneal tissue, gums, and internal organs.

Over time, skin cells become less active, the collagen network, which provides density and is responsible for the skin's structure, begins to break down. The skin dries out and thins, the first wrinkles begin to appear - small at first, then deeper and deeper.

Unfortunately, it is impossible to completely stop the loss of collagen, aging is a natural process that is inevitable. However, it is quite possible to slow it down and make the skin look younger.

Thanks to its active ingredients, TianDe cherry-pomegranate jelly has a positive effect on all connective tissues of the body: bones, cartilages, ligaments and tendons, contributes to good health and prolongation of youth, greater elasticity of the skin. Thanks to it, body weight decreases and energy increases, joint health is maintained, hair and nails are strengthened, and their fragility is reduced.

The main ingredient in this product is, of course, collagen.

And not ordinary, but hydrolyzed. Normal collagen is practically not absorbed, while hydrolyzed collagen is "broken down" into small segments and has a high degree of digestibility - MORE THAN 80%! Each serving (package) contains 5.2 g of hydrolyzed collagen.

TianDe's oral collagen has another very important function - it helps to strengthen the immune system. Pomegranates increase the amount of hemoglobin in the blood, improve digestion, and activate the body's immune system. Cherry is a natural antioxidant, has a positive effect on blood vessels, and helps strengthen the heart muscle.

It also contains pectin. First of all, it perfectly stabilizes the metabolism. Pectin can reduce cholesterol levels in the body and improve intestinal motility. However, its most valuable property can safely be called the ability to cleanse the body of harmful substances (radioactive elements, pesticides and toxic metal ions).

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