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Natural deodorant - a gift from nature

by TiandeLT Administratorius 30 Sep 2023
Natūralus dezodorantas - dovana iš gamtos

When you try to use as natural products as possible, you are simply taking gifts from nature.

So. We deliver. 100% natural remedy.

You have probably heard that there is one unique mineral in nature - alunite. It consists of potassium and aluminum salts. Sometimes it is also called alum mineral. It is this mineral that has long been used as a natural deodorant.

To make this kind of natural deodorant, a piece of rock is taken, worked into a rounded cylindrical shape, polished, and placed in a case with a lid.

This crystal deodorant skilfully copes with microbes whose vital activity provokes the appearance of unpleasant sweat odor. Removing microbes from the surface of the skin solves the problem of repulsive "aroma".

The crystal does not clog the ducts of the sweat glands, so it does not disturb the body's thermoregulation. This is especially important during heavy physical exertion or hot weather. The crystal also has an anti-inflammatory and healing effect on the skin of the armpits, which is often shaved.

Crystal deodorant is made from a natural substance, which means that it does not affect the body due to various synthetic substances.

Can be used even by pregnant and lactating women.

So what is really special about him?

1. Absolutely harmless to the body, does not contain harmful chemicals, does not clog pores.

2. Relieves itching and swelling after mosquito bites.

3. Soothes irritation after depilation or shaving.

4. Odorless. Hypoallergenic.

5. Perfectly relieves redness and inflammation in the area of ​​acne.

6. Treats burns (including sunburns).

7. Has antibacterial, wound healing properties.

8. Effectively helps with bleeding gums.

9. Helps in the fight against herpes, barley, conjunctivitis.

10. Alunite solution helps against thrush.

11. Does not leave sticky marks, also on clothes.

12. Suitable for both men and women.

13. Being a powerful adsorbent, it dehydrates odor-causing bacteria on the skin.

14. Suitable for both men and women, pregnant and nursing mothers!

15. One natural deodorant lasts more than a year with daily use.

Usage: Moisten the crystal with water, apply on clean skin.

Use the crystal only on clean skin.

Do not apply immediately after showering. 10 minutes should pass between water procedures and use.

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